Allied Health Services

Health professionals other than doctors, nurses, and dentists who provide a range of supportive services to improve patients’ physical, psychological, social wellbeing are called allied health professionals. These are qualified and trained health professionals that play a pivotal role in the provision of health services. MTH offers access to allied health
professionals of psychologists, psychosexual therapists, dietitians, diabetic educators, relationship educators/counsellors and others for service provision.

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Relationship Educator & Family Support Services

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Teen Psychologist


Our Allied Health services may be subjected to mixed billing via Medicare and private.

In Case of an emergency

Midas Telehealth, and is not an emergency service. Appointments need to be booked several days or weeks in advance and we are not able to provide an emergency response.

In an emergency situation such as chest pain, difficulty in breathing, severe pain, and feel something seriously wrong with you, please dial 000 or to attend the emergency department at your local hospital. 

Below are links to lifeline, suicide call back, eHeadspace and BeyondBlue who may be able to provide immediate support if it is not an acute emergency.