Relationship Educator & Family Support Services

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Mrs Manu Reddy

Relationship educator

Manu Reddy is a Family Relationship Educator who has vast experience working in this field for over 10 years in Australia, and 20 years globally. She has obtained her Master’s degree in Psychology from S.V. University (India) and a Master’s degree in Health Science (Behavioural Sciences) from University of Sydney. She provides Family Support services in areas of family relations, marital issues, domestic violence cases, parenting support, stress-relief and emotional support to the community. In her line of work, she also connects with doctors, psychologists/counsellors, local legal aid services and multi- cultural liaison police officers in order to provide necessary care to her client. While working in Australia she also extends her services to USA, Canada, UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia through over-the-phone sessions specifically when dealing with cases of family relation issues in communicating with various members of the family located overseas.


In the past she has worked in other countries such as India, Uganda and Kenya as a professional counsellor and also as a school psychologist in international schools. She has experience in helping clients of all ages and backgrounds from children to adults and the elderly and families.

She is able to communicate in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and English – enabling her to offer her services to the multi-cultural community.

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